After a hiatus of a few months owing to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the international team of scientists and conservationists continued its ambitious programme to save the northern white rhino from extinction:

In order to prevent the extinction of species such as the northern white rhino, the BioRescue consortium is developing new methods and technologies for conservation.

In August 2019 a team of scientists and conservationists broke new ground in saving the northern white rhinoceros from extinction.

The BBC is well-known for their outstanding and award-winning documentaries depicting our planet, its environment and man's relation to nature.

The Sumatran Rhino and the Northern White Rhino are on the brink of extinction. Only a few days ago the last Sumatran Rhino in Malaysia, Iman, died after severe illness.

Today is World Rhino Day. For the tenth time in a row people around the world celebrate these magnificent animals and remind all of us to spare no effort to protect them.

Support the Northern White Rhino rescue mission

The BioRescue project is contributing scientific and veterinary expertise to the Northern White Rhino rescue mission. However, progress in research alone is not enough to prevent the extinction of these charismatic and important creatures. Well-coordinated cooperation of many committed partners in politics, nature conservation, economy and civil society is needed to give them a future. With your help the rescue mission can be a success!

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